Friday, November 12, 2010

Start Remote Assistance Session with E-Mail

Remote Assistance via E-Mail

To initiate Remote Assistance via e–mail

1. Click Start, and then click Help and Support to open the Help and Support Services page.

2. Click Invite a friend to connect to your computer with Remote Assistance. This is located under the Ask for assistance heading. The opening page of the Remote Assistance wizard appears.

3. Click Invite someone to help you, and then enter the e–mail address of the support professional. Click Continue. The E–mail an invitation page appears.

4. Enter your name, and then type a message summarizing your problem. Click Continue. Set an expiration time for the session, and specify a password.

5. Click Send Invitation, as shown below.

Remember: You must relay the password to your support professional or Texpert in a separate communication such as a phone call or e–mail.

The wizard confirms that the invitation was sent successfully. Your support professional can then accept the invitation and intiate Remote Assistance

To accept the e–mail invitation and initiate Remote Assistance via e–mail
1. Open the e–mail message and the attached file. Enter the password in the dialog box. Click Yes.
2. When the Remote Assistance screen opens showing the remote desktop, click Take Control. At this point, the person who sent the invitation must confirm permission for you to take control.


  1. Can this Invitation can be attended thru other O/s like Mac ?

  2. Nope, thats not possible mate, we are talking about windows builtin tool called remote assistance.. It cannot be executed on Macintosh..


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