Friday, November 12, 2010

Start a Remote Assistance Session from Windows Messenger

Presuming you are seeking help from a Texpert and to send a Remote Assistance request via instant messaging.

1. Start Windows Messenger and Sign In.
2. In your list of contacts, select a person to ask for help. You will send an invitation to this person, asking them to start Remote Assistance and provide you with help. He or she must be online.
3. Click Tools, click Ask for Remote Assistance, and choose the e-mail address for a contact.


(If you are already exchanging messages in the Conversation window, click the Invite button, point to To Start Remote Assistance, and then click the contact you want to invite).

If your texpert accepts the invitation and starts to take control of your computer, you will see a dialog box asking you to confirm permission. Click Yes if you want to continue.

Note: Although you relinquish control of your computer temporarily, you retain control over the Remote Assistance session itself. You can end the session immediately by clicking the Stop Control button (or pressing the ESC key).

Your Texpert receives the invitation as an instant message and performs the following steps to accept, take control of your computer, and begins helping:

1. Click Accept in the instant message.
2. A dialog box will ask for the password to initiate the Remote Assistance session.
3. Enter the password and click Yes. When the remote connection is established the Remote Assistance Session will open as shown Below.

1. Click the Show Chat button in the top left corner of the screen.

Note: When the Remote Assistance session opens, you will see two Start menu buttons. The outside Start button controls your computer, the inside Start button controls the computer that you are assisting.

2. Click the Take Control button. This button is located just above the taskbar. At this point, the person who sent the invitation must confirm permission for you to take control.
3. After you take control, you can work on the remote computer, using the mouse and keyboard as normal, to help the other person.


  1. Is this possible only thru windows Messanger ?

  2. Is there any kind of option to show a particular portion of my desktop or applications?


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