Thursday, August 11, 2011

I can't get my scanner or camera to install

Cause: If you are having problems installing the scanner or camera, make certain that you are following the manufacturer instructions provided with the device and that the scanner or camera is connected to the computer correctly. USB devices may require that you install the drivers before plugging in the device, so check the documentation for details. If you are sure that you have followed the instructions and that your device is compatible with Windows XP, you can use the Add an Imaging Device Wizard to help you.

To add an imaging device, follow these steps:

1. Click Start--> Control Panel (Classic view)--> Scanners and Cameras.

2. In the Scanners and Cameras window--> click the Add an Imaging Device option under Imaging Tasks.

3. The Scanner and Camera Installation Wizard appears--> Click Next on the Welcome screen.

4. In the provided list--> choose the manufacturer and model of the scanner or camera that you want to install. If you have an installation disk--> click the Have Disk button--> Click Next.

5. In the next screen, make sure the device is connected to your computer and choose the Automatic Port Detection option--> Click Next.

6. Type a name for the device--> and then click Next.

7. Click Finish.

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