Friday, April 8, 2011

Farmville Tips and Tricks

Game developers Zynga bring you the most popular application on Facebook! Live the rural dream in FarmVille, where you grow delicious fruits and vegetables and raise adorable animals on your very own farm. Alongside your neighbors, plow, plant, and harvest fields with crops such as strawberries, eggplant and artichokes. Earn XP (experience points) and coins to expand your acreage or decorate your farm with trees, fences, ponds, or barns. Work faster with vehicles like tractors, harvesters, and seeders, and rear livestock such as cows, sheep, and pigs. The more you help your neighbors, the faster you’ll level up.

Planting Selective seeds get more coins

These are some of the plants which will gain more coins in a day’s time.

Useful Tips:
  • Fertilize all crops so that they will reap in less time also fertilize other’s fields to get fertilize all power.

  • Green House Seeds gain more coins, so do place a greenhouse in your fields and reap green house at no cost on other’s farm.

  • Yield Chicken coop and Animal Trough on other’s Farm to get 100 coins each for free. Also some mystery eggs and extra feed sometimes.

By using these seeds we can increase coins in leaps and bounds when the farm is big and the whole farm is sown with these seeds.  Farmville works better with Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers and in Windows 7 PC with a good Internet Connection. 

Keep in mind that there are times when it's not ideal to purchase seeds that yield the most profit.

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