Friday, April 8, 2011

Unable to Copy and Paste

Issue:  Unable to use CTRL+C or +V  to copy and paste, also right click and paste does not work, when attempting to copy using this method the file, for example that is going to be copied, grays out for few seconds, as if it's ready for copying, then returns to it's natural color.

Follow below steps to accomplish the task:

Method 1:

Open the Control Panel--> Select the Internet Options applet--> Click on the Security tab--> Then click on Custom Setting--> Find the option "Drag and copy or paste"--> Ensure that it is enabled--> If not enabled, enable it

Mathod 2:

1. Click on your Windows Start button--> select Control Panel (or Start--> Settings--> Control Panel).

2. Double click on the Internet Options icon.

3. Select the Security Tab.

4. In the Security Settings for your Internet zone area (the default)--> check to see if the settings are set to Default (Medium). If the settings are set to High or Custom--> take the following steps:

Method 3:

1. Click the Custom Level button.

2. Scroll down the list to the Scripting section to the bottom.

3. Locate the "Allow paste operations via script" option and check this setting.

4. Set to Enable if needed and click OK

5. Select the other Zones (Local Intranet and Trusted Sites) and repeat the process to ensure that this option is not interfering with our software. You should not change the settings for Restricted Sites.

6. Once the settings have been corrected--> click Apply and OK.

7. Restart the computer and then check to see if the problem has been resolved.

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