Thursday, November 11, 2010

Disable Fast User Switching

Fast User Switching is a way for users to quickly switch between accounts without having to fully log off. This is just one more service that doesn’t really need to be started.If its only one single User using the Computer.

Follow the steps below to disable this service.

  • Click On Start--> Run--> Type 'services.msc'(Without the quotes)-->On The Right Pane Of The Window Select Fast User Switching--> Double Click On It-->Change Startup Type To Disable--> Click On Stop Button If The Service Is Already Running
  • Screenshots Have Been Show Below.


  1. Can I use Fast User Switching on a computer which on Domain?

  2. What is the difference between Manual and Disabled under startup type of a service? Both will stop the service. When do we have to select Manual and When do we have to select Disabled?

  3. If on one profile if am using a router to connect and then using fast user switching logged into diffrent profile will I be able to connect to inter thru same router ?


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