Friday, July 8, 2011

I don’t know how to install a new driver

Cause: If a new driver becomes available for a hardware device, Windows XP will help you install it so that you can begin using the new driver.

To install a new driver, follow these steps.

1. Log on with an administrator account.

2. Download the new driver from the manufacturer’s Web site, or if you have a CD or disk, insert it into the CD or floppy drive, respectively. If you download the driver from the Internet, the driver may be self-installing, which means you can open the downloaded file and have a setup routine walk you through the steps. Follow the Web site’s instructions for installation, if this is the case. If the driver is not self-installing, it will probably be downloaded to you in a compressed (zipped) folder. You can unzip the driver files and put them in a folder on your desktop so that Windows XP can easily use them.

3. Click Start--> Control Panel--> System.

4. Click the Hardware tab--> and then click Device Manager.

5. In Device Manager--> expand the category of your hardware device--> right-click the device whose driver you want to upgrade and click Properties.

6. Click the Driver tab--> click the Update Driver button.

7. The Hardware Update Wizard appears--> On the Welcome screen--> click the Install the Software Automatically radio button--> and click Next. Windows XP will check your CD-ROM drive and your floppy disk drive for the driver and then install it. If you downloaded the driver, go to Step 8.

8. If the driver is not a self-installing driver that you downloaded from the Internet, make sure you have unzipped the driver files if they were compressed. You can put them in a folder on your desktop for easy use. Then, on the Hardware Update Wizard Welcome screen--> click the Install From a List or Specific Location radio button and click Next.

9. In the Choose a Search window--> click the Don’t Search radio button and click Next.

10. In the selection window--> click the Have Disk button--> and then click the Browse button in the Install from Disk screen.

11. A browse window appears. You can browse to the driver file and select it for installation. Click OK once and then again. Follow the rest of the wizard steps to complete the installation.
Tip: The driver file should have an .inf extension, such as driver.inf.

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