Thursday, July 7, 2011

I can’t uninstall a device

Cause: At some point, you may want to uninstall a device from Windows XP. For example, let’s say that you replace your keyboard with a newer model. Windows XP should detect that the old keyboard is no longer attached to the system and remove it. Sometimes, though, Windows XP may not get the message that a hardware device has been removed, and the device may keep showing up on your computer.

To manually uninstall a device, follow these steps.

1. Log on with an administrator account.

2. Make sure the device you want to uninstall is physically removed from the computer.

3. Click Start--> Control Panel--> System.

4. Click the Hardware tab--> and then click the Device Manager button.

5. In Device Manager--> expand the category of your hardware device. You’ll see the device in that category--> Right-click the device’s icon--> click Properties.

6. On the device’s properties pages--> click the Driver tab--> and then click the Uninstall button.

7. Click OK--> close Device Manager.

Prevention: Keep in mind that the driver is the clue to many device problems. In order for a device to work, you must have a proper driver. If you want to remove the device from the computer, first remove the device, and then uninstall the driver.

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