Thursday, March 31, 2011

Restore missing mouse pointer cursor files

How to restore the missing mouse pointer cursor files?


How to restore the missing mouse pointer cursor files?


When you try to change mouse pointers scheme, you may receive a string of error messages indicating that the mouse pointer cursor files are missing or corrupted. This happens if

some or all of the *.CUR or *.ANI files are missing in the Windows\Cursors folder.

Totally 184 (*.cur and *.ani) cursor files ship with Windows XP by default, and are available
in compressed format in the Windows XP CD-ROM.


To extract ALL the *.cur and *.ani files, insert the Windows XP CD-ROM in the drive and type
these lines in the Command Prompt:
  • Expand X:\i386\*.CU_ -r C:\Windows\Cursors
  • Expand X:\i386\*.AN_ -r C:\Windows\Cursors

• Where X:\ is the CD-ROM drive-letter

• _ is not a space, but an explicit "Underscore"

Change the target path if Windows is installed in a different folder/drive. Now all the
mouse pointer / icons should be restored.

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