Monday, December 13, 2010

Arrange Files Using Folder Views

Windows provides different ways, for you to arrange and identify your files when you view them in Windows XP special folders, such as the My Music, My Pictures, or My Videos folders. When a folder is open, you can use any of the viewing options, (located on the View menu).

Note: The arrangement options in each folder vary with the type of folder that you open. For example, the Filmstrip view is only available in folders containing pictures.

Choose which view type you would like to use,
Show in Groups:

When you use the Show in Groups option, you can group your files by any detail of the file, such as name, size, type, or date modified.

For example, if you group by file type, image files are displayed in one group, Microsoft Word files are displayed in another group, and Excel files in another. Show in Groups is available in the Thumbnails, Tiles, Icons, and Details views.

To show your files in groups--> on the View menu--> point to Arrange Icons by--> and then click Show in Groups.

Thumbnails View:

Thumbnails view displays the images on a folder icon which has the content so that you can quickly identify the folder.

For example, if you store pictures in several different folders, in Thumbnails view, you can tell at a glance which folder contains the pictures you want.

Windows displays up to four images on a folder background by default. You can also choose one picture to identify a folder in Thumbnails view. The complete folder name is displayed under the thumbnail.


Tiles view displays your files and folders as icons. The icons are larger than those in Icon view, and the type of information that you select is displayed under the file or folder name.

For example, if you sort your files by type, Microsoft Word document is displayed under the file name for a Microsoft Word document.


Filmstrip view is available in picture folders. Your pictures are displayed in a single row of thumbnail images. You can scroll through your pictures using the left and right arrow buttons. If you click a picture, it is displayed as a larger image above the other pictures.

To edit, print, or save the image to another folder, double-click the picture.


Icons view displays your files and folders as icons. The file name is displayed under the icon; however, sort information is not displayed. In this view you can display your files and folders in groups.


List view displays the contents of a folder as a list of file or folder names preceded by small icons. This view is useful if your folder contains many files and you want to scan the list for a file name. You can sort your files and folders in this view; however, you cannot display your files in groups.


In Details view, Windows lists the contents of the open folder and provides detailed information about your files, including name, type, size, and date modified. In Details view you can also show your files in groups.


  1. Which is the best view for picture files ?

  2. Tiles is the best view, however it depends on your requirements. If you want to look at the program name, owner of the docuement and creation and modification date and time then Details view is preferable.

  3. Is it possible for us to get folder sizes in the detail view?

  4. Yes, when you select the details view it gives the size of the folder.


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