Monday, December 13, 2010

Required Or It Will Stop Working

Windows XP requires "Activation"
You must contact Microsoft with a few weeks after installation, or Windows XP will refuse to continue to work.

Activation is NOT Registration:

Activation : Based on the serial number of the hardware components (harddisk, motherboard, network card), a code is generated. Based on this code, a "Confirmation ID" is created for your system.

The purpose of Activation is to prevent a copy of Windows XP to be installed on multiple systems (and
Microsoft only gets paid for one license).

Follow the steps below for activating windows XP:

Click On START--> Click on Activate Windows.

Let's assume there is no Internet connection and you are trying to activate by phone.

Much better and easier:

Configure your Internet connection and activate via the Internet

And after a few minutes:

What information has been send to Microsoft as part of this activation process ?

- serial number of the system volumne
- MAC adress of the network card
- display adapter ID
- CPU serial number
- harddisk ID
- IDE controller ID

This information is stored in the file WPA.DBL. (Windows Product Activation file) And cannot be transfer to an activated Windows XP installation to a fresh copy of Windows XP installation
on the same computer (like: a new disk is installed and Windows XP is re-installed) :

Some examples : As soon as you restart Window XP and it checked the WPA.DBL file copied from a previous installation, Windows XP expects "fraud" and initiates activation request.

You can exchange a few of these components (like upgrading to a new graphic card or a new network card), but once too many of components ( maximum of 3) are changed, then the activation becomes invalid and you will be asked to activate again.


  1. What features will stop working if we use Windows XP copy without activating ?

  2. The operating system will not install updates and there is a major possibility of reduced functionality mode and the whole system becomes very slow in responce.


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