Thursday, March 31, 2011

Update Drivers in Windows XP

Why should we update hardware driver`s in windows`s Xp?

Each hardware device installed on your Windows XP computer has drivers that run it. These drivers can be updated by the manufacturer of the device in order to help the device run better or to fix issues with software or other devices. Go to the manufacturer`s website to download the newest version of these drivers. Sometimes drivers are downloaded as self-executing files that install automatically when you click them. Other times, you may need to use the Windows Device Manager to update the driver files.


Follow the step`s below:

1. Download the drivers for your device from the manufacturer website. Make a note of the folder on your computer where you have saved the driver file.

2. Right-click the "My Computer" icon on your desktop and choose "Properties" from the menu.

3. Navigate to the Hardware tab and click the "Device Manger" button.

4. Locate the device in the Device Manager. The Device Manager will list the hardware components installed on your computer under their function. You may need to click the arrow next to the function header to see a list of the devices underneath it.

5. Double-click the device name you want to update. This will launch a new window for that device.

6. Navigate to the Driver tab and click "Update Driver."

7. Choose "Yes--> "this time only" and click "Next."

8. Choose "Install from a list or specific location"--> and click "Next."

9. Click "Search for the best driver in these locations" and place a check box next to "Include this location in the search."

10. Browse your computer for the new driver file that you downloaded from the manufacturer.

11. Click the "Next" button and allow the wizard to install the new driver for your device. You may be prompted to restart your computer after the installation.

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