Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Change Desktop Icons Into List View

Follow the steps below to Change XP Desktop Icons Into Smaller List View:

Has it ever bothered you that you can’t change the size of the icons on your XP desktop? Thankfully they added this ability into Windows Vista, but what are your options in the meantime?

There’s a small utility called Deskview that lets you change the icons from regular mode into the smaller “list” mode with a double-click. It’s as simple as that.

Download and extract the zipfile, and then double-click on deskview.exe, and your icons will turn from this:

Into this:
To bring them back to regular mode, just double-click on deskview.exe again.

Click here to Download Deskview


  1. How to change the default icons (Pictures) that are there on the desktop?

  2. is there a way to achive this without any third party tools

  3. @ PC Optimization, You can right click on the icon you want to change the picture for, and then select properties. A new properties window will popup, under shortcut tab (for shortcuts)/customize (for folders) click on change icon (for shortcuts)/choose icon (for folders). Now browse and choose the desired picture you wan to select. Click on Apply then click on OK. And your icon is selected.

  4. Can we change the how icon looks(Size) for better vision ?

  5. Sure, you can change the way the icon looks by going to that particular icon for which you would like to change the image--> Right click on it--> select properties--> click the customise tab on the top--> and then click on change Icon, which will be the last option and then select the appropriate icon of your choice.


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