Thursday, November 18, 2010

Managing User Accounts

Managing User Accounts

1. Understand The Nature Of User Accounts
2. Create A New Account
3. Change An Account Type
4. Change The Way Users Log On And Log Off

Understanding User Accounts:

A user is someone who uses a computer. A user account defines, what a user can do using Windows XP
In Windows XP, there are three types of user accounts.

Administrator account:
 The administrator can do everything with the computer and can do anything he or she desires, essentially giving them control over the entire computer, including other accounts. The administrator account can never be disabled or deleted.

Standard account:
 Users with standard accounts can install programs and hardware, change pictures and related personal data, and create, change, or remove his or her password.

Guest account:
 The guest account doesn't require a password, can't add or remove programs from the computer, and is disabled by default. This account type is great for children or students.

To easily manage user accounts, click the User Accounts icon in the Control Panel.

The User Accounts window presents you with an easy-to-use interface.

Click Here: To Create A New User Account From Computer Management console 
Click Here: To Create A New User Account From Control Panel


  1. try lusrmgr on run command for faster management

  2. @ Windows 7 Support, The command you wrote should be "lusrmgr.msc" without quotes.

  3. Is this the command to create user account thru command promt or User account management window ?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. The Command suggested by HARDWARE Texpert was for User account Management window and not to create a user account.

    net user /add (This command can be used to create a user account)


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