Thursday, December 16, 2010

Display Volume Icon In Notification Area

By default, the Volume icon is not displayed when you initially install Windows XP on your system.

To enable the display of the Volume icon,
If control panel is set to view in classic view, follow the below steps:

1. Click Start--> and then click Control Panel.

2. Double-click Sounds and Audio Devices.

3. Click--> Show volume control on the taskbar.

4. Click--> OK.


  1. How do we find the audio driver of a particular mother board?

  2. If I have not installed Audio driver can this be contributing factor for above problem?

  3. To display volume icon in windows 7 right click on the taskbar and click on properties--> on the taskbar tab--> click on customize, next to the Noltification area option and then in the next windows that comes up--> click on the drop down arrow and select SHOW ICON AND NOTIFICATIONS--> click OK.

  4. You can check the audio drivers in device manager.

  5. Email expert, if you have not installed audio drivers, you are definitely a contributing factor as you say.


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