Saturday, January 15, 2011

Uninstall Service Pack3 From RECOVERY CONSOLE In Windows XP

The following article will help you when you are unable to boot your computer including any of the Advanced Boot Menu after installing Service Pack 3

  1. Boot to the Recovery Console using the Windows XP disc
  2. Type in the Administrator if you are prompted to and then hit ENTER.
    Note: This Password is of the Local Administrator. If you have not set a password, just hit ENTER leaving the password space blank.
    You would be taken to C:\WINDOWS\>
  1. Type in cd $ntservicepackuninstall$ and hit ENTER
    You would be taken to C:\WINDOWS\$NTSERVICEPACKUNINSTALL$>
  2. Now type in cd spuninst
  3. Now type in batch spuninst.txt and hit ENTER
  4. Now the SP3 uninstallation will go on for about ten minutes and after it is complete, you would be taken back to C:\WINDOWS\$NTSERVICEPACKUNINSTALL$\SPUNINST>
  5. Type Exit and hit ENTER
The computer would restart and take you to the desktop of Windows XP with Service Pack 2

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