Saturday, January 15, 2011

How to increase the Virtual Memory

Virtual Memory is a Memory Management technique where a part of the hard disk can be used as RAM aimed at increasing the performance of the computer and also to allow better multitasking in the kernel.

 To increase the virtual memory
1. Right Click on “My Computer” and then click on “Properties”

5. Click on “Change” under “virtual Memory”
4. In the “Performance Options” click on the “Advanced” tab
3. Click on the “Settings” under “Performance”
2. In the “System Properties” window, choose “Advanced” tab


The computer has to be restarted for the changes to take effect
In this Window you would find the list of drives and the size of memory allocated out of each drives. You can set the size to be recommended or increase it as needed. The recommended minimum size is the same as 1.5 times the RAM on your computer, and 3 times that figure for the maximum size. For example, if you have 256 MB of RAM, the minimum size is 384 MB, and the maximum size is 1152 MB.

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