Friday, January 14, 2011


The Windows Advanced Options Menu or the The Windows Advanced Boot Menu helps to boot the computer in safe mode, safe mode with networking, the DOS mode etc.

The primary objective of the The Windows Advanced Options Menu is to let the computer to boot with minimal drivers and services when there is any problem for the computer to boot normally.
One Important feature of the The Windows Advanced Options Menu is the Enable VGA Mode

The Enable VGA Mode option enables the computer to boot Winodws in normal mode but with 640 x 480 display mode using the current video driver installed on the computer like nvdia or ATI

The screen might look similar to the safe mode where VGA.sys video drivers are loaded. But in fact it is the current driver that is loaded.

In a nutshell, This mode helps you to get the computer booted even when the monitor is unable to display high resolution of your video.

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