Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hard Disk Drive Partitions In Windows XP

Method 1:  Disk Management is part of Adminstrative Tools. In Windows XP, you can find Adminstrative Tools in the Control Panel.

Method 2:  Click Start and then click the Run. In the Open text box type: diskmgmt.msc and click OK.

2.  Select Computer Management. That will bring up the following screen...if you have Adminstrator rights to make System level changes. Unfortunately, if you have Power User or Limited rights, you will not be able to see this screen.
3. Select Disk Management. You will be presented with a screen that shows the drives you have connected to your system
Basic v/s Dynamic Disks

If you have properly connected the new drive to your system, then it should appear on the screen above. The first choice you will face is whether to make the drive "Basic" or "Dynamic".

Basic: The standard disk type used in previous versions of Windows. Basic disks are divided into partitions and can be used with previous versions of Windows.

Dynamic: An enhanced disk type for Windows 2000 that can be updated without having to restart the system (in most cases). Dynamic disks are divided into volumes.

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