Thursday, June 2, 2011

Display Mycomputer as Menu In Windows XP

Cause: By default, Windows XP will show Control Panel on the Start menu as a 'link'.

This means that you have to click Control Panel to open it from the Start menu. However, you can change this link behavior to a menu so that you can access Control Panel icons directly from the Start menu. When you point to Control Panel on the Start menu, a submenu will pop out showing the icons.

Solution: To change the link behavior so that you see a Control Panel menu, just follow these steps:

1. With your mouse--> right-click the Start menu--> click Properties.

2. In the Properties menu that appears--> click the Start Menu tab--> and then click the Customize button.

3. In the Customize Start Menu window--> click the Advanced tab.

4. In the Start Menu Items box--> click the Display as a Menu radio button and click the OK button.

5. Click OK again on the Start menu and taskbar properties window.

6. Now, click Start and point to Control Panel. A pop-out menu now appears so that you can directly access Control Panel icons.

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