Thursday, February 24, 2011

Windows Netmeeting In Windows XP

        NetMeeting is a software application for audio and video conferencing. NetMeeting offers sharing of desktop video, audio, chat and file transfer functionality.

NetMeeting supports directory servers and services. NetMeeting uses may automatically register with a directory when they start their NetMeeting client. The directory then allows users to find online users by name or location. If no directory is available, NetMeeting users can also call each other directly by computer name or IP address.

Once connected to other users, NetMeeting places all parties in a "call." NetMeeting tracks the call roster and allows users to share their desktop windows, to chat, transfer files, or share a VoIP feed. NetMeeting supports dozens of simulataneous users in a call. It supports users over any type of IP network connection including dialup service. However, the overall performance of a NetMeeting call generally suffers when dialup users are connected.

Microsoft ships NetMeeting with the Microsoft Windows operating system. "Conf.exe" is the NetMeeting client executable. Windows XP leaves conf.exe inactive by default and requires special user configuratio to enable it.

Microsoft has ceased future development of NetMeeting and announced plans to phase out this tool in favor of a new service called Office Live

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