Thursday, June 30, 2011

stop a user from logging on without deleting the account

For Home Edition users, there is no cure for this problem; you must delete the user account if you want to stop a user from logging on, or you can reset the password without giving the user the new password. For XP Professional users, you can disable an account instead of deleting it, but you have to use the Local Users and Groups console to configure this option.

Disabling an account is usually done for specific reasons, namely for security. For example, let’s say you have very sensitive data stored on Windows XP. A particular user may be out of the office for a month. You do not want to delete the account, but you can disable it in order to provide extra security while the user is away.

To disable an account, follow these steps:

1. Click Start--> Control Panel--> Administrative Tools--> Computer Management.

2. Expand Local Users and Groups--> and select the Users container.

3. In the right pane of the console--> right-click on the user account that you want to disable and click Properties.

4. On the General tab--> click the Account is Disabled check box to disable the account.

5. Click OK.

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