Friday, March 4, 2011

Reboot Windows XP to Factory Settings

When your Windows XP system starts to lag, it may be time to restore it to factory settings. A new Windows XP computer runs smoothly, but as you add and remove files and programs, the system becomes bogged down with leftover remnants.

The only way to completely clean your system and begin fresh is to restore it to factory settings. You can restore Windows XP and all the original applications in less than two hours. The process is mainly automated.

  1. Back up all files before restoring.
  2. Insert the Windows XP System Restore disk and reboot your computer.
  3. Boot from the disk by pressing any key when prompted.
  4. Press F8 to agree to the license agreement.
  5. Select the drive to install Windows XP on. If you only have one partition, press Enter. For multiple partitions, select the one Windows XP is currently installed on.
  6. Select Full NTFS Format and wait for the system to format.
  7. Select your time zone, computer name and network settings when prompted.
  8. Select the applications to install and restart after the installation.
  9. Replace your files after Windows XP is restored to factory settings.
Tips and Warnings

Only install applications from the restore disk that you actually use. This will keep your system cleaner

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