Friday, January 7, 2011

Configuring PPPoE Dialer in Windows XP

Windows XP has built in PPPoE dialer, so you can utilize this dialer in order to connect to Internet via DSL/Cable modem with bridge mode configured.

Before you start to configure the dialer, please configure network card to obtain IP address and DNS server automatically.

1) Go to Start--> right click My Network Places--> and click on Properties.

2) Network Connections window will appear--> click Create a new connection.

3) New Connection Wizard window will appear--> click Next.

4) Click Connect to the Internet--> and click Next.

5) After that select Set up my connection manually and click Next.

6) Here you need to select Connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name and password--> and click Next.

7) Name your connection--> so that you can identify this dialer easily later--> Click Next.

8) Type in username and password of your DSL/Cable Internet connection, this info is given by ISP when you subscribe Internet service. You can also tick other two options to allow anyone connects to the Internet from this computer and make this the default Internet connection--> Click Next.

9) Finally click Finish to complete this dialer configuration.

10) Once you have this dialer configured, you will notice the new dialer icon appears under Broadband section in Network Connections window.

11) How to connect? It's easy! Just click the dialer icon and then dialer window will appear--> after that click Connect

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  1. Well once that you have configured the broadband connection, you will not have to perform this step again. The connection gets established automatically when the cable is connected to the computer or when you clcik on connect on the broadband wizard.


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