Saturday, January 8, 2011

Configure A Wireless Or Mobile Device To Receive Instant Messages

How to configure a wireless or mobile device to receive instant messages from your online contacts in Windows Messenger. The devices that include Web-enabled cellular phones, pagers, Microsoft Windows CE-based devices, and Palm OS-based devices.

Creating an MSN Mobile Account

1. On the Tools menu--> click Options.

2. On the Phone tab--> click Mobile Settings.

This action opens a Web page where you can sign up.

Receiving Messages on Your Mobile Device from an Online Contact

1. On the Tools menu, click Options.

2. On the Phone tab--> under Mobile Device--> click to select the check box for Allow people on my contact list to send instant messages to my mobile device.

Note: that there is currently no way for you to receive e-mail alerts if you use an e-mail account other than Hotmail.

Sending a Message to a Mobile Device

1. Right-click the contact that you want to page--> and then click Send a Message to a Mobile Device.

2. Under Callback Number--> click the phone number where you can be reached. You need to have published your phone numbers to your contacts so you can choose a phone number from this menu.

3. Type your message--> and then click Send.

The message, your e-mail address, and the phone number where you can be reached are sent to your contact's mobile device. You might receive an instant message back if your contact's mobile device allows for response.

If your contact's mobile device is not turned on, your message might not arrive or might be delayed. Your contact might not see your e-mail address or phone number if your contact's mobile device does not allow display of that information or if the settings on the device cause messages to be cut off after a certain number of characters.

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