Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Show the Language Bar In Windows XP

You can use the Language bar to switch easily between tasks and perform tasks related to entering text. For example, if you are entering text with a handwriting input device, use the buttons on the Language bar to open the Writing Pad window, from which you can insert handwritten text into your document.

You can move the Language bar anywhere on your screen, minimize it to the taskbar, or make it nearly transparent. If you do not use it, you can close it. You should remove text services that you do not use because they require computer memory and can affect performance.

To show the Language bar:

1. Click Start--> click Control Panel--> and then double-click Regional and Language Options.

2. On the Languages tab--> under Text services and input languages--> click Details.

3. Under Preferences--> click Language Bar.

4. Select the Show the Language bar on the desktop check box.

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