Monday, December 6, 2010

Enable And Disable The Interface Components In Windows XP

Windows XP interface is enabled by default in the Home Edition and Professional edition.

You may want to disable some of the new interface components in order to improve the computer's performance.

Enabling or disabling these components can significantly hinder or enhance performance depending on the hardware specifications of your computer. You can enable or disable portions of the new interface by clearing or selecting a check box.

1. Right-click--> My Computer and then click--> Properties.

2. On the Advanced tab--> under Performance--> click Settings.

a. To select all of the check boxes--> click Best Appearance.
b. To clear all of the check boxes--> click Best Performance.
c. If you select Restore Defaults--> several check boxes are selected. The default selections are determined by your computer's capabilities.
Interface Components In XP:

1.   Animate Windows when minimizing and maximizing
2.   Fade or slide menu items into view
3.   Fade or slide ToolTips into view
4.   Fade out menu items after clicking
5.   Show shadows under menus
6.   Show shadows under mouse pointer
7.   Show translucent selection rectangle
8.   Show window contents while dragging
9.   Slide open combo boxes
10. Slide taskbar buttons
11. Smooth edges of screen fonts
12. Smooth-scroll list boxes
13. Use background image for each folder type
14. Use common tasks in folders
15. Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop
16. Use visual styles on windows and buttons


  1. Can a limited user change these settings?

  2. When you have Nvidia graphics card you can make taskbar as transperent, does this settings do changes to those settings

  3. Email Expert, I could not understand the question, if you don't mind please re-phrase the question..

  4. Yes if you uncheck Fade or slide menu items into view you will see change in speed of menu display.


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