Windows XP Services

Microsoft has assigned Display Names to each service. It is the same name that appears in the Name column in the Services Window. Supposedly this name can be changed on the General tab if you want something more descriptive.
1. Service Name - The name the service is actually called. It comes from the General tab and cannot be modified.
2. Process Name - The name of the actual process that is running when the service is activated. The Process Name is taken from the General tab.
3. Default Settings - These are the default settings for the Home and Professional versions of XP when a clean installation is performed.
4. Microsoft Service Description - This is taken directly from the General tab. Some of the descriptions are easily understood.
5. Dependencies - Lists any additional services that are required for the service to run. The information is taken from the Dependencies tab.
6. Real World Description - If you felt the Microsoft Service Description was a bit vague or needed some clarification this is where we tried to give you a better idea of what the service does or why you might want it loaded.
7. Is This Service Needed? - There are three choices below
  • Yes: means, it's essential to have this service running and set to Automatic.
  • Possibly: means that depending on your hardware and software choices this service might be one, you choose to have enabled. It might have an Automatic, Manual, or Disabled setting.
  • No: means, the service can be disabled
Recommended Setting - Again, these are  opinions only, but we feel that for most situations this setting will give you a good balance between system functionality and resource conservation.

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