Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Difficulties with Software in Windows XP

Windows XP comes with a number of tools, utilities, and accessories to meet your needs. However, most of us are going to install and use additional software. For example, I use Microsoft Office in order to write books and manage documents. Office is not included with Windows XP, so I have to purchase and install it separately. The same is true for all kinds of additional software, from games to antivirus programs, to spreadsheets, to photo editors you name it and you can probably find it in the software market. If you are thinking about buying software, which can range from about $20–$800, depending on what you want, there are two main things you need to consider before you ever buy the software:

• Compatibility: 
 The software should say “compatible with Windows XP” on the box. If it does not, Windows XP still may be able to run the software, but you are likely to have more problems.

• System requirements: 
Some software, especially graphics programs, require a lot of memory and system resources. Read the outside of the software box and check the system requirements, and then make sure your computer meets those minimum requirements. You can usually see how much RAM your computer has and how fast the processor is by opening Control Panel |System Properties and reading the information on the General tab

Some programs cannot be installed by a limited user, but require administrative control. If you are having any problems with software, always log on with an administrator account first before trying to fix the problem.

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