Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Install Arabic Language Support

By default, an operating system, such as Windows 7 or Windows XP, may not recognize or support the Arabic language on your computer. This is because the support settings for Arabic language have not been installed on your PC. Arabic language support can be easily activated from your computer's Control Panel.

1). Open the "Start" menu and click "Control Panel."

2). Click "Region and Language" from the list of options in the Control Panel.

3). Open the "Keyboards and Languages" tab and click the "Install/Uninstall Languages" button.

4). Click "Install display languages." You will now see two options: "Launch Windows Update" and "Browse computer or network."

5). Click the "Launch Windows Update" option to install support for Arabic language directly from the Microsoft website. If you select this option, the Windows Update tool will launch. Click the "Install Updates" button to start the file installation.

To install the display languages support using your Windows 7 CD, skip this step and see step 6.

6). Click the "Browse computer or network" option. Insert Windows 7 CD into your CD/DVD drive. Click "Browse" and navigate to your CD/DVD drive. Click "Open." Accept the End User License Agreement to install the language support.

When the installation is complete, you can switch to Arabic language support at any time by navigating to "Control Panel" > "Region and Language" >"Keyboards and Languages" and selecting your new display language under the "Choose a display language:" option. You will be prompted to log off once before the settings take place.

Arabic Language Support for Windows XP
1). Open the "Start" menu and select "Settings" > "Control Panel."

2). Click the "Regional and Language Options" tool.

3). Check the option "Install the file for complex script and right to left languages" under the "Languages" tab. Click "OK." You will be prompted to insert Windows XP CD into your CD/DVD tray to complete the installation process.

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